OptiLoading is a software program to calculate stability and stress data of ships. It will implement optimisation algorithms to help ship handlers with the difficult task of loading a vessel.

Load Masters have been around for a long time, but conventional Load Masters require the manual input of the cargo in each compartment. Usually there are many loading configurations which satisfy stress and stability criteria. Which one of these configurations is the best? OptiLoading will provide the optimal loading configuration for a number of given masses.

OptiLoading is being developed as part of a thesis, written at the Antwerp Nautical College. It will be a step-by-step process which you can follow on this website. The goal is to develop a fully working load master, which calculates the best load configuration automatically.

For my bachelor thesis I developed a demonstration version of OptiLoading, which only had the option to load one type of cargo. In my master thesis I will strive to make a fully functional and automatic load master. OptiLoading is written in Java to provide cross-platform compatibility. Please note that your computer has to be equipped with Java Runtime Environment 1.5 (or later) in order to run OptiLoading. You can download it at http://www.java.com.

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